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During the last forty years the IT Industry has gone through multiple paradigm shifts. From the days of Mainframe computing to today's advanced distributing processing models including virtualized Server, Storage, and WLAN environments, one constant remains: IT resources often are expensive and under utilized.

Strategy 7's consultative process focuses on identifying the End User's assets, providing hard metrics as to the percentage of actual use, revealing the underlying costs associated with the assets, and then building one or more scenarios for the most effective re-deployment of those assets using Industry standard tools. In most cases, this process can be performed at little or no cost to our End User clients.

IT Resource Optimization

Our role at STRATEGY 7 VIRTUAL SERVICES is to uncover and re-deploy those underutilized assets quickly and effectively with minimal costs.

  • Maximize Utilization
  • Manage Capacity
  • Increase productivity, reduce latency
  • Deploy Rapidly
  • Lower Costs, extend lifecycles

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    Virtualization Services

    Virtualization of resources across physical hardware is gaining rapid saturation in the marketplace, organizations seek to expand capabilities while controlling complexity and costs. There are many virtualization products available, and the selection of the appropriate technology depends upon many factors.

    STRATEGY 7 works with firms large and small to develop a virtualization plan that enables customers to maximize, control, as well as, manage costs.

    Virtualization allows a single physical server to be divided into multiple "vitual servers" which can handle multiple workloads and applications simultaneously. Reducing the amount of physical servers simplifies your architecture by providing an architecture that can support various applications and operating systems.

    This strategy saves costs by reducing redundant hardware components while minimizing maintenance, power and cooling requirements. Minimizing the number of physical systems reduces complexity, enabling administrative staff to centrally manage and provision computing power.

    With a top-down view of resource utilization, staff can proactively approach potential issues before they become problems, and enact policies and procedures to monitor, anticipate and prevent administrative problems.


    Physical consolidation enables businesses to maximize their IT purchases. The Movement of multiple computing workloads to larger systems enables businesses to take advantage of some of the advanced management and RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) functionalities only available on larger systems. Consolidation strategies allow computing infrastructure to dynamically allocate resources when and where you need them as business needs arise.

    Get the most out of your IT purchases with a consolidated infrastructure that eliminates the inefficiencies of multiple systems--with a server that allows you to provision resources to applications as needed. This allows you to maintain service levels, maximize resource utilization and allows you to "pay as your grow", adding computing power without adding complexity.

  • The HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE)

    HP Integrity and HP 9000 Servers provide an automated virtual infrastructure that can adapt in seconds with mission-critical reliability. HP VSE allows you to optimize server utilization in real time by creating virtual servers that can automatically grow and shrink based on business priorities and service-level objectives.HP VSE also includes HP Insight Dynamics - VSE the world's first integrated solution that lets you analyze and optimize physical and virtual resources in exactly the same way. With HP VSE you can increase the return on your investments and be agile at the same time VSE creates virtual servers that can automatically grow and shrink based on the service-level objectives (SLOs) set for each application they host. Through tight integration with partitioning, high availability and utility pricing, HP VSE allows you to maintain service levels in the event of downtime and to pay for spare capacity on an as-needed basis.

    HP VSE, with new functionality, provides intelligent simplified control of your virtual servers through a fully software suite for planning, management and automation.

    HP VSE can help your organization:
    • Lower cost of key data center tasks by up to 40%
    • Complete analysis of large scale consolidations in days, rather than months
    • Keep your services up and running
    • Bring new services and applications online faster
    • Balance supply and demand based on your business priorities
    • Reduce costs and increase agility at the same time
  • Virtualization with IBM i, PowerVM and Power Systems

    IBM Power Systems servers with IBM PowerVM virtualization technologies, and the IBM i operating system (formerly known as i5/OS®) provide innovative technology to integrate mixed computing environments and applications and simplify IT infrastructures. These IT optimization offerings can help reduce IT complexity and total cost of ownership while maximizing computer resources usage, simplifying IT management and matching business needs with the right applications. The Power Systems family with PowerVM and IBM i offers an integrated design and an uncomplicated approach to help manage unpredictable growth. Integrating the operating systems, middleware, database, security and storage into one system means that your infrastructure should be flexible, scalable and easy to use. The agility of a Power Systems infrastructure can increase your capability to meet unexpected customer and market demands while simultaneously reducing your infrastructure management costs.

    • Achieve business success simply with the flexible, scalable IBM Power™ Systems family
    • Reduce complexity and costs by managing multiple environments on a single system with PowerVM™
    • Simplify management of IT resources with storage virtualization provided by the IBM i operating system
    • Increase business agility with broad application portfolio from broad range of operating systems
  • VMware vSphere and VDI Solutions

    Run your business-critical applications, including Exchange, SQL, SAP, and Oracle, on with breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability. Consolidate all your x86 servers and minimize infrastructure costs while building a flexible cloud computing infrastructure delivering business-critical applications as dynamic, cost-efficient, and reliable IT services. Accelerate application delivery with on-demand provisioning, automated release cycles and streamlined testing and troubleshooting.

    • Virtualize Exchange and match or exceed native performance while reducing infrastructure footprint
    • SharePoint Server is more scalable, available and flexible on a virtual infrastructure with reduced hardware requirements
    • Consolidate SQL Server databases and cut hardware and software costs by more than 50%
    • Virtualize Oracle applications, middleware and databases and leverage storage, network and computing resources
    • Run SAP on VMware and dynamically rebalance applications as needed

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