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IFORMIX database, DB2, U2, WebSphere . . . SUPPORT & SERVICES
With 24/7 support, STRATEGY 7's customers are assured they'll get
responsive support from a knowledgeable STRATEGY technically
refined resource.

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Strategy 7 guarantees savings with IBM's easy contract consolidation
and ServiceSuite.

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Connecting Informix to Your World:
All from One Source . . . Business Analytics Services for InfoSphere,
Cognos & Neteeza.

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The One True Data Integration Platform for Informix with InfoSphere.

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End-to-End Cognos . . . IBM Cognos Upgrades & Migration,
IBM Cognos Portal Customization & Customized Training Solutions.

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End-to-End Services . . . High-performance business intelligence
and advanced analytics for the enterprise.

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We know that today's computing environment requires that a number
of technology vendors work together as a team.
"Discover the Difference."

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With Strategy 7 HP-Certified Services Integration, you receive quality
HP service from your current HP field service engineer.

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IT Resource Optimization:
Our role at STRATEGY 7 VIRTUAL SERVICES is to uncover and re-deploy
those underutilized assets quickly and effectively with minimal costs.

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Strategy 7 Corporation offers preferred pricing on IBM business continuity
and recovery services as well as emergency response services and
power protection.

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Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance & Business Intelligence:
At the bottom of every company’s information agenda, is to trust
what data exists, and how to make it critical to outperforming the

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IT Resource Optimization:
Our role at STRATEGY 7 VIRTUAL SERVICES is to uncover and re-deploy
those underutilized assets quickly and effectively with
minimal costs.

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"To Achieve Success By Helping Organizations
Adapt as Technology Evolves." Joseph Rodriguez II,
President — STRATEGY 7 Corporation

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"Our Shared Rich History with Hewlett Packard. "
Experience since 1991 . . .
800 Sites / 88,000 Users Strong . . .
Success Today with Hewlett Packard.

Latest Headlines & News

October 28, 2015
STRATEGY 7 has chosen Entrinsik’s Informer Software for its True Self-Service Business Intelligence Reporting. more »

October 22, 2015
STRATEGY 7 is recognized as Best in Class Amongst all Hewlett-Packard (HP) Resellers with support from Old American Incorporated. more »

September 17, 2014
Strategy 7 Announces Concierge Program to Existing Customer Base. more »

February 19, 2013
Strategy 7 and IBM Cognos Mobile Planning Service - Designed for Cognos customers who are in the planning, scoping or analysis phases of a potential Cognos Mobile implementation project. more »

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About Strategy 7 Corporation

Strategy 7 Corporation is the largest independent software services company that specializes in migrating MultiValued applications to other MultiValued or popular Relational Database Systems.

With over 780 sites and 77,000 installed users Strategy 7 offers the most comprehensive and proven approach for organizations looking to effectively migrate their applications taking advantage of the newest platform architectures.

Corporate Directions:

  • Provide More Value to Customers
  • Maintain High Level of Access and Support
  • Work to Offset Exposure to Customer

Corporate Info


Comprehensive solution for developers to access Multivalue Databases from within Microsoft's .NET environment.

mv.NET is a suite of components designed to provide MultiValue developers with a comprehensive solution for Microsoft .NET based applications requiring access to MultiValue databases.

With support for all major MultiValue platforms, mv.NET is truly the essential tool for all MultiValue developers wishing to create .NET applications, wheter the need is to enhance current applications or to build completely new ones.

Its unique set of features allows the developer to use the latest Microsoft technology while still leveraging all of the traditional benefits of MultiValue functionality.

STRATEGY 7 Data-mining, Data Warehouse and Data-mapping

"On shore data-driven consulting for less than off shore pricing."

S7's Data-Driven Consulting Services provides clients with extensive data migration strategies and processes, along with an indepth understanding of design and development.With over 16 years of industry-specific experience, Strategy 7's seasoned consultants have the resources, and expertise, to direct and implement customized solutions that deliver timely, cost-effective business value.

Intelligent Data Integration

"Your data is no longer held captive with this Intelligent Data Integration Tool."
  • Deliver that data to a variety of targets including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and more
  • Deliver integrated views of data without complex, hand-coded processes
  • Consistent application of business rules across data integration projects
  • Leverage popular reporting and business intelligence tools to mine the data

Design, Build, and Implement customer centric portals

Metrics-driven dashboards utilizing the latest enhancements with WebSphere Portal Technologies.

As a nationally recognized WebSpher(tm) Partner, Strategy 7 is one of the largest Data Management Services companies in the world. Our experience in integrating WebSphere into a wide range of technology suites is unique in the industry, especially when coupled with our ability to provide and support clients with Relational Database Management Technology, whether Oracle, SQL Server or DB2.

Our extensive expertise enables us to take the complexities out of the WebSphere integration and implementation process.

As a Passport Member, we can provide a range of IBM products and services at a cost significantly lower than what you are probably paying now. This includes (direct-line) IBM branded maintenance for all of our products, including WebSphere Portals, hardware, and database management software.