Solutions and Support

STRATEGY 7's 24/7 Support Philosophy

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With 24/7 support, STRATEGY’s customers are assured they'll get responsive support from a knowledgeable STRATEGY technically refined resource. Your service requests will not get held up at a call center. You will speak directly with STRATEGY 7’s technical team who will spearhead your inquiry and provide you with the support needed. Strategy 7 customer service is provided by a combination of account representatives, managers and a qualified staff of engineers. Our goal is to become a partner that gains notoriety within the market and the appreciation of our customers by providing top quality customer support delivered by a staff of professionals that truly care about your business.

We know that today's computing environment requires that a number of technology vendors work together as a team. All too often, we find that vendors look for the opportunity to cast blame rather than to pitch it an solve a problem. At Strategy 7, we take the customer's point of view and work towards a solution for our customer. Sometimes this means that our support engineers go out of their sphere of responsibility to assist with a problem. We view this as an opportunity to build a closer bond with our customers and chance to demonstrate that there is something special about Strategy 7.

You will find that this attitude permeates every level of our company and, we believe, has been one of the primary reasons for our success.

S7 Services Offered

  • MultiValue
    • Products from All Major Vendors
    • Professional Services / Consulting
    • 24x7 Support For All Major Databases
    • Migrations
    • Conversion To Relational Technologies
  • MultiValue to Relational
    • Supporting DB2, IBM INFORMIX, SQL Server and ORACLE
    • Personalized Maintenance
    • IBM WebSphere and IBM RedBack
  • Enterprise Systems
    • All Major Vendors
    • Planning and Implementation
    • Support
  • Personalized Maintenance
    • HP and IBM Enterprise Systems Personalized Support and Maintenance
    • Hardware Planning and Procurement
  • E-Business
    • Services, Consulting, Products From Top Names Including BroadVision
  • Business Intelligence
    • Business Process Consulting
    • Data Warehouse Consulting
    • ETL Products
  • Document Management
    • Products and Services
    • Web Centric, Work-flow based
    • Enterprise-Wide

Supported Products & Information

  • S7 Supported Products
    • Hewlett Packard
    • IBM DB2
    • IBM Informix
    • SQL Server
    • ORACLE
    • UniData
    • UniVerse
    • jBASE
    • System Builder and SB+
    • Cuebic
    • BroadVision 1TO1
    • Redback
  • Contact Support
    • Support Hotline: (800) 778-7287
    • Support Faxline: (972) 560-9203
    • Corporate Directory: (972) 560-9201
    • New Support Issues:
  • Hours of Operation

    As a Standard Service, Strategy 7 provides 7 X 24 coverage for all out customers. Our business hours are: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Central Time Zone.